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Custom Courier is proud to announce that we have officially opened our own truck and trailer repair shop and SGI Certified Inspection Station. We are inviting all our current customers to take advantage of our repair services at a special discounted shop labour rate starting at only $90.00 an hour. Our fully certified heavy duty mechanic has many years of experience working on equipment and we would love the opportunity to earn your business. For more information or to book in your truck please call us at (306) 653-8500 and ask for Marty.

Now Hiring - Journeyman Mechanic

SGI Safety Inspections

  • Power units: $225.00
  • Tandem trailer: $160.00
  • Tri-axel trailer: $200.00


  • Diagnostic Service Rate: Starting at $105.00. Includes 9-pin or OBDll code reader, diagnose and troubleshoot codes.
  • Shop Labour Rates: $90.00/hour

Air Conditioning Service

Starting at $130.00. Includes recovery, leak tests, and R134 refrigerant.

Oil and Lube Service

Starting at $180.00.*


  • Drain oil, change filters and air filter.
  • Change all fuel filters.
  • Fluids check.
  • Chassis and steering lube.

*All oil and filter products are sold separately.

All rates subject to GST, PST, shop supplies, and applicable environmental disposal charges.