Experience the Difference

Thank you for considering choosing Custom Courier! We are Saskatoon's largest local courier and have been serving the city of Saskatoon with prompt and professional courier services since 1996. We want you to experience the difference! You may ask yourself, "What does this mean?" We define the Custom Courier Experience as respect; respect for our staff, respect for our owner operators and respect for you the customer! We sell our experience through our people, we invest in our people and we pass that experience along to you. We represent your company with integrity because our operators show care and concern for all of our customers.

As with any successful business it is our goal to learn as much about your company and its needs as possible in order to provide you with the best possible courier experience. We also feel that you should know as much about our company and how we operate so you know that you have made the right decision in choosing Custom Courier. With that said we would like to tell you a little more about ourselves and how we operate.

Custom Courier has an inside office staff of 20 individuals, consisting of five full time customer service representatives, five full time dispatchers, three managers in charge of operations, two operations assistants, two company semi tractor drivers, one full time sales and customer service manager, one safety officer and two shop and equipment maintenance mechanic.

Rounding out our team are our valued owner operators. We currently have over 95 owner-operators on our fleet, which are split into four separate divisions. Our first fleet is our cars and minivans. Our second fleet is our ½-tons, ¼-tons and pipe-racks. Our third fleet is our flat-deck division consisting of our 1-tons, 3-tons and tilt-decks. Lastly, we have our specialty truck division consisting of our 3-ton cube vans, 5-ton flat-decks, 5-ton flat-deck with portable forklift and semi tractors.

Our owner operators (drivers) all operate as their own "business" within Custom Courier. These people own and maintain their own vehicles. Operators are paid on a commission basis, based on the delivery charges to the customer. The more deliveries they perform, the higher their earnings. Thus, it is important that we provide a fair and balanced fleet. Too few operators will spell poor service to the customer but higher earnings to the operators. Too many operators will provide faster service for the customer but the operators income will be much lower, and operator turnover will increase. Our goal is to find the balance between enough operators to provide great service, yet few enough operators so that they can earn a fair living. Twenty years ago when we opened our business we made the conscious choice to ensure that our great service would not be at the expense of over hiring operators. We are incredibly proud that this continued effort has proven successful. Our operator turnover remains the lowest in the city at less than 20% (compared to the national industry average of over 80%). We truly do care about our people.

We know safety is a priority with all businesses and as such Custom Courier takes your safety and ours very seriously. We hold regular fleet meetings specifically addressing safety issues. All operator vehicles are inspected for full compliance a minimum of 4X per year with a zero tolerance policy. All our operators and their equipment must meet or exceed all SGI and OH&S standards, this includes all PPE requirements. All of our large truck operators are also required to have full SGI Safeties performed on their vehicles every year. All of our operators are fully covered by WCB (clearance certificate available upon request) and all operators must carry third party liability insurance. Custom Courier provides all operators with cargo and theft insurance (certificate available upon request). We also require that all operators provide a criminal record check and SGI drivers abstract on a yearly basis.

To summarize, all these things combined create what we call the Custom Courier Experience. We truly believe that this experience is what sets us apart from the competition. If at any time we have not lived up to your expectations we want to know about it, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We value your feedback and patronage and look forward to earning your business with the Custom Courier experience!

Custom Courier Mission Statement